March 29, 2022

Mobile workforce solutions go beyond smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There are a host of other tools that can help businesses stay connected through a single window of control for all of your company information transmitted through corporate or personal devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise mobility management allows businesses to ensure the secure usage of mobile devices and applications by employees. IT teams can easily provide employees with the data and applications necessary to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices, to maintain productivity and reduce IT workloads.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A core component of EMM, mobile device management enables IT staff to secure, control and enforce mobility policies on devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other endpoints, protecting the corporate network while simultaneously optimizing the functionality and security of mobile devices. Benefits include:

  • Automated compliance: Tracks compliance in real-time, alerting IT admins
  • Data loss protection: Allows IT admin the ability to remotely lock/wipe managed devices
  • Easy device enrollment: Both admins and end-users can enroll devices via the agent or email
  • Enterprise deployments: Manage large-scale deployments of mobile devices
  • Flexibility: Employees have the freedom to use a variety of productivity devices and maintain real-time adherence to data security and compliance
  • Secure Access: Enables secure mobile access to corporate resources while enforcing security and compliance policies

Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

The procurement, deployment and management of mobile devices and apps as well as PC software and services that connect out-of-office employees to the enterprise environment is called managed mobility services (MMS). MMS focuses on connecting mobile out-of-office employees to other employees, databases and servers, keeping employees productive and in constant communication.

Simplify Mobile Device Management

Mobility workforce solutions can help simplify the management of your mobile environment, improve security, cut costs, and increase efficiencies so that businesses can focus on the things that help them succeed.

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