October 12, 2021

REACH is partnered with Wireless Watchdogs to help off-load the strenuous task of managing Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software and securing corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices. REACH’s managed services specialists can help design and create a multi-layered suite of security features around all major mobile device platforms, providing a single window of control for all of your company information transmitted through corporate or personal devices.

MDM is best suited for mid- to large-sized businesses that would support a minimum of 25 mobile devices with a SIM card and includes the following services:

Deployment/Policy Development Support

  • Provide default policies and best practices to help with the development of a concrete enterprise mobility policy.
  • Help develop and create structural architecture on MDM software to match your company’s current infrastructure.
  • Administer the newly developed policy and preconfigure the software to distribute rules, reactions, restrictions, applications and content (if applicable).
  • Deploy the mobile device management system to all existing devices based on newly developed strategy, processes and architecture.

Device Lifecycle Management

  • Execute plan for enrollment of new devices in the mobile device management system.
  • Provision all devices with the necessary resources (corporate email, applications, VPN, Wi-Fi credentials, etc.)
  • Enforce the corporate mobility policy by means of monitoring, alerting and response.

Help Desk Support

  • Provide tiers 1,2 and 3 support for end users, IT managers and executives.
  • Provide training and information resources for end users, IT managers and executives.
  • Provide different online request portals for rapid request processing.

Monitoring / Reporting

  • Monitor corporate email traffic through our Secure Email Gateway; and provide the option to block unwanted devices. (Optional)
  • Monitor device compliance bi-weekly to ensure the solidarity of the enterprise mobility policy.
  • Monitor device resources monthly to ensure all devices are provisioned with all the necessary resources (corporate email, applications, VPN, Wi-Fi Credentials, etc.)
  • Provide a reporting portal for device, application and certificate asset management.

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