August 23, 2022

Workforce mobility goes beyond smartphones, tablets and laptops. To keep a competitive advantage over competitors, businesses must redefine the way they manage their operations. Businesses must be more agile and flexible to allow remote, field, home and office-based employees better access to information and respond quickly to customer needs. There are a host of other mobility options that can help your business stay connected. Mobility solutions allow customers to:

  • Create workflows and streamline communications across the organization.
  • Save money on data plans.
  • Deploy solutions across remote, field, home and office-based employees.
  • Manage data, usage and vendors.
  • Secure all aspects of mobile workforce solutions.
  • Provide additional network options and backup.
  • Transform business with connected devices and real-time application.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise mobility management allows businesses to ensure the secure usage of mobile devices and applications by employees. IT teams can easily provide employees with the data and applications necessary to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices, to maintain productivity and reduce IT workloads.

Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Wireless Expense Management provides organizations with support in the management of mobile and wireless devices, plans, usage and costs.


The Internet of things refers to devices that are embedded with sensors and connections to the internet, collecting and exchanging data with other devices in real time.


5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, set to eventually replace 4G networks that majority of phones have today. The main advantages of the 5G are:

  • Greater speed in transmissions.
  • Lower latency, providing greater capacity for remote access and connected devices.
  • Implementation of virtual networks (network slicing), providing more adjusted connectivity to concrete needs.


Hosted voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as hosted PBX, is a solution that enables businesses to make voice calls over a broadband internet connection. The main difference between hosted and other types of VoIP is that the carrier owns and manages all necessary equipment. Ultimately, it’s a more cost-effective, multi-functional, and a flexible alternative to an analog phone line. Advantages are:

  • Carrier handles implementation and hosting, requiring minimal effort from the end user.
  • Reliance on expensive hardware is reduced because transmission is sent over Internet Protocol rather than a telephone network.
  • VoIP technology uses the internet instead of traditional telecom networks, so hardware costs are drastically reduced.
  • Allows for multi-functionality, providing the opportunity to add unified communications applications like video chat, conferencing, instant messaging, and more.
  • Long-distance and international calling charges are greatly reduced, saving end user hundreds to thousands of dollars, monthly.
  • Scales easily because the user simply adds more phones or increases bandwidth based on need.
  • Mobility is increased because employees can access your network through their VoIP phones at anytime, at any location with an internet connection.
  • User-controlled interface enables users to change features, options, and services dynamically.
  • Provides rich features like click-to-call on a web page, selective call forwarding, simultaneous rings on a multiple phone, and so on.

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