June 2, 2020

With a work force stationed remotely and needs evolving at the speed of business, AT&T Office@Hand makes yours as flexible and nimble as you need it to be.

This comprehensive cloud-based phone system connects your workers like never before, in the office or on the go, with all the tools they need:

  • Enterprise-grade voice and fax
  • Instant messaging
  • Video meetings and conferences
  • Contact centers

Employee Friendly
You already know how difficult it can be to find staff at all, let alone high-quality associates. With more than 80% prioritizing workplace flexibility and more than 40% saying they wouldn’t work for a company that has substandard technology, you know the importance of adapting to them.

And with more than 65% of businesses moving to the quick versatility of cloud-based solutions, you also know the importance of adapting to your industry, and the competition.

Budget Friendly
Seamless connectivity is all yours without a budget-busting system to buy, install, and maintain.

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