February 18, 2020

Voice communications are part of nearly every aspect of work and life. In today’s work environment, the need to be available virtually anytime and anywhere is increasing. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions provide a single network connection for business phone services and high-speed data, rather than requiring separate channels for each. With tremendous advances in recent years, VoIP has become a powerful mobility tool that continues to grab market share over land-line phone service. Here are some reasons why:

      Scalable: VoIP equipment solutions offer a variety of hardware options, to meet the needs of a small business with one or two users up to a large call center Dependent on a company’s specific needs, some users can solely use a carriers VoIP App, which is typically called a soft phone, on their existing mobile phone. Providers can offer a virtual number service, which forwards calls to your existing phone number (typically a mobile phone).
      Hassle-Free Upgrades:Upgrades are pushed via the internet swiftly and easily so you’ll always be up to date.
      Full Functionality Wherever You Have Connectivity: Your office phone number is always with you, even if your customers think you’re in the office. Change messages, download call data, redirect numbers or mute calls as your schedule demands.
      One Communication System: Your online phone system can be shared no matter where you or your employees are located.
      Flexibility: Large or small, expanding for growth or downsizing, VoIP systems can be expanded or trimmed quickly and easily.
      Easily control costs. Services can be customized for your needs.
      Affordability: With little to no hardware to purchase, install and maintain, you have minimal or no extra service costs.

Compared to traditional telephone systems, VoIP gives you greater flexibility, control and oversight at a more affordable cost. Small- to large-scale businesses can find the communication tools that were once only found in major corporations. We know technology can be confusing. If you’d like more information, we are here to help. We’ll consult and guide you through what product may be right for your business.