May 12, 2020

Industry trends are moving to retailers, restaurants and other businesses needing accurate counts of the number of people on their premises as well as a more efficient way to count people and provide estimated wait times to the people waiting in their queues.

Video Occupancy Technology
AT&T’s video occupancy technology provides a near-real-time count of people entering and exiting your premises and percent of occupancy measurements. The counters store the occupancy data and make it available over the Internet-of-Things to authorized applications. Benefits include:

  • Helping to ensure occupancy guidelines are met – see how many people are in each room, on each floor or in the entire building
  • An accounting of peak visit days/times to inform staffing – see how many people entered and left every hour of every day over the past weeks or months
  • Helping to improve operations and design – see which areas of your facility are most popular

Waiting Line (Queue) Management
Waiting in line is a part of daily life. Waiting for a teller at a bank, waiting to check out at a grocery store, and punching in or out of work are just a few examples of where waiting in line is common. Businesses can reduce cost and thus improve profitability by efficient queue management. AT&T’s queue management and wait time technology provides a near-real-time count of people waiting in your queue, estimated wait times for people to be allowed entry and an API for inclusion on websites, mobile applications, and digital signage. Benefits include:

  • Improving customer experience – customers are given a personal wait time forecast with updates and notification alerts as they move up in the queue – and based on the business, giving them the opportunity to handle other business and errands
  • Determination of peak visit days/times to help equip your staff in delivering optimal service and help guide operations in management of customer lines, steering people to less busy times of the day and overloading staff

To learn more about these technologies and how you can integrate them into your business, contact Valerie at 715-330-4200.