May 4, 2020

Thermal imaging is not a new technology. In fact, it is used regularly in a number of different ways. Developed by the military for detecting, recognizing, and identifying enemy personnel and equipment, it is now routinely used in police and firefighting activities, border patrol crossings, perimeter surveillance, as well as in environmental, medical, industrial, and construction applications. Thermal imaging can be used to image objects on both a large and small scale to perform non-contact thermal mapping of any device, system, object, or animal that emits infrared radiation (heat).

Technology that scans people for a fever is in high demand given recent events and is becoming the new normal for entry into businesses and travel activities. REACH Amplification is positioned to help meet that demand.

Now offering AT&T’s Thermal Imaging technology

  • Near-real-time reporting of temperature reading for rapid screening
  • Non-invasive solution for checking elevated body temperature (not available in Illinois)
  • Stand alone, scalable, or existing customer-owned Video Management System (VMS) integration options

This non-invasive technology can measure body temperature of employees and customers alike before entry is granted into your premises. Benefits include:

  • Thermal imaging analytics
  • Detecting settings of a human with an elevated temperature based upon a pre-defined temperature range (e.g. 100°F+)
  • Utilization of passive technology to help replace manual, human intervention
  • Can be purchased as stand alone feature not requiring the full product solution
  • It is versatile for use in areas such as:
    • Office and government buildings
    • Hospitals, medical facilities
    • Airports, any transportation stations
    • Business and educational campuses
    • Venues, stadiums, parks, events

To learn more about this technology and how you can integrate it into your business, contact Valerie at 715-330-4200.