April 7, 2020

Telecom billing errors cost companies tens of thousands each year in overcharges, late disconnects, unused credits, and more. Contracts and invoices for telecommunications services can be difficult to understand and then correcting a telecom billing error can be even more complicated and time-consuming for your employees. Recent studies have shown that more than 50 percent of businesses are unaware of their exact telecommunication costs.

Cutting costs and effectively controlling your technology spend is challenging. Not to mention, addressing the explosion in bandwidth and mobility requirements that are continuously evolving and reshaping today’s business and technology landscape.

Add to that, constantly changing telecom services, rates, networks, and invoices. The sheer volume of devices can make cost management an enormous task. And, if you’ve had to increase mobile devices and connected technologies, you’ll need innovative processes and tools to drive out costs, manage growth, deliver greater visibility, and ensure a secure inventory.

Telecom Billing Expense Review and Audit. How much is your company overpaying? As a Telecom Management Services Consultant, REACH Amplification is positioned to help navigate the vast array of voice, data and IoT options available. We are able to audit your existing account(s) and make recommendations based on your cost and telecommunication needs. Your invoices will be reviewed by an experienced telecom expert. If errors are detected, we discuss the best course of action with you and then are able to follow up with carriers on your behalf to adjust them. One time audits or full time management services are available. Detecting, correcting, and cost savings can happen before clients even become aware there was an error.

We are also able to help negotiate new or existing carrier contracts, add new lines or change existing lines of service, and educate on new products and services that may add to your companies productivity and cost effectiveness. Having a central point-of-contact to manage all of your telecommunications accounts allows for better account management because they have a dedicated relationship with you and your accounts.

Businesses of any size can benefit from REACH Amplification’s Telecom Management Services. Contact Valerie at 715-571-8500 or by filling out the contact form below.