February 8, 2022

Building a connected, workplace safety strategy might seem like a daunting task. Technologies such as connected devices, cell phones, IoT smart PPE and sensors along with cloud-based apps and software all improve site safety by offering real, measurable results in a much shorter time. Businesses can now monitor the safety status of every single employee anywhere in the world with either cellular or satellite connections, resulting in incident reduction and prevention, a strong safety culture and worksite efficiency.

But, being connected is more than just exciting new gadgets and software. It’s important to understand all that’s involved in being and staying connected when it comes to safety. None of this safety technology helps in an emergency, and that means as simple as making a cellular phone call or sending a text, if at the base of it all, cellular signal can’t get through.

Eliminate Signal Barriers

Ensuring your workers are connected can be a matter of life or death. There are many barriers that can prevent cellular signal from being received such as:

  • metal buildings
  • low-e windows
  • terrain features
  • multiple floors
  • multiple interior walls
  • distance from a cell tower

The ability to communicate no matter where a worker is and under any critical circumstance could save that worker’s life. REACH can help make sure cellular signal is received no matter where workers are – on the manufacturing floor, in the home or business office, in the woods, in the field or in a remote location. Imagine…

  • a worker in a remote, wooded location has an accident and due to tall trees, poor cell reception prohibits a call being made to emergency services; or
  • a worker’s hand is crushed in a piece of equipment on the manufacturing floor and a coworker can’t get signal to call out because of the metal building; or
  • a worker is equipped with wearable sensors and data can’t get through to indicate a heat level warning due to construction materials in dense urban conditions or a multi-level concrete building.

With the amplification provided by a cellular signal booster, you can catch reception and stay connected.

Stay Connected with Cellular Amplification

Cellular signal boosters (or cellular amplification systems) are designed to amplify weak outside signal and bypass obstructions. Advantages of signal boosters are:

  • No more dropped calls – catch reception and stay connected
  • Improved audio quality – communicate clearly
  • Portable – expanded your coverage area by installing in your building, home or vehicle
  • Boosted data speeds – send and receive data faster
  • Extended cell phone battery life – no more constant searching for signal
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously – handles numerous demands at a time
  • Affordable and convenient – no recurring fees and compatible with all carriers

Building a connected workplace safety strategy doesn’t happen overnight. But one step forward is all it takes to start – and ensuring your workers have cellular signal is the easiest place to start.

As your telecom and IT solutions expert, REACH takes pride in keeping you connected. Beyond providing cellular signal boosters, REACH offers internet plans, Bluetooth enabled headsets, and permanent and temporary site-wide communication networks for buildings, vehicles and more. We will collaborate with you to fully understand your site challenges and provide an effective solution. Let us help you be proactive in preventing an incident or catastrophic loss by scheduling a free signal analysis today. Contact Ryan at 715-298-4414 or fill out our contact form.