June 15, 2021

Once your business is ready to adopt software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies, the next logical question is “How?” No two SD-WAN architectures are the same. Multiple factors will alter deployment decisions, including the makeup of a remote site, end-user requirements and budget limitations. There are many companies who manufacture SD-WAN products, and each product has a different installation guide. It can all get a little confusing and overwhelming. This is why you should seek external support.

REACH’s IT experts can assist you in your SD-WAN deployment. Below are discovery questions that will help in the process.


  • If you have an existing MPLS today, what applications are riding that connection?
  • What challenges and/or limitations are you experiencing with your current MPLS?
  • What sort of planned events do you have on your network that affect bandwidth usage?
  • How do you manage network and security policies at your branch/remote sites?
  • What is your current WAN architecture? What sort of QoS, if any, does your organization currently have in place?
  • Have you experienced any outages or surges? Do you have recovery or business continuity protocols in place?
  • How many internet connections do you have at each of your locations?
  • If no secondary/tertiary circuits, what has prevented the organization from purchasing additional circuits?
  • What is the current performance level of business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) and cloud-based applications? What is your desired level?


  • How do remote users access business applications?
  • What challenges are reps experiencing when logging onto your site to get information?
  • Are your reps experiencing any failures to access the site from your office? From a client location?


  • Does your site buffer during live broadcasts (ex. Webinars)?
  • Do you experience any site delays during flash sales or any promotion where traffic peaks for short periods? How do you prepare for these peaks?
  • What technologies does your department utilize?
  • What challenges are you facing in leveraging historical customer records to personalize future experiences?

When deploying SD-WAN technologies, not only is the SD-WAN vendor you chose important, but also ensuring you have the right SD-WAN technician working on the project is crucial as you look to unlock the full potential of the networking systems. ‍

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