September 22, 2020

Professionals of multiple different industries are quickly becoming accustomed to working from home. However, these remote employees are still grappling with several disadvantages such as insufficient bandwidth and underpowered, home-based or branch office wireless networks.

Remote working situations have been made more permanent with several enterprises putting off plans to return to traditional office environments. Therefore, to avoid productivity losses and to mitigate impact on mission-critical business goals, enterprises relying on remote environments must equip their employees with networking capability equal to what is available in more traditional office settings.

To support the many organizations struggling to equip their remote branch employees for success, REACH Telecom Solutions partnership with CBTS offers a suite of networking solutions that can empower remote branch employees to connect with reliable signal strength no matter where they’re working from or how many users or devices they’re sharing their remote branch with.

For years, CBTS has been on a mission to fix networks, not just the devices that connect to them. That mission continues with the latest remote worker bundles on offer from CBTS, including the Meraki Bundle, VeloCloud Bundle, and the VeloCloud + Check Point Bundle.

Benefits of these packages include the following:

  • CBTS solves the network, instead of solving for just a device.
  • Working from home and remote users are fully empowered.
  • Survivability is provided through LTE, which serves as a cost-effective backup.
  • Remote workers no longer need to obtain path diversity with a second Internet connection.
  • Application reliability is ensured, allowing job functions to be seamlessly performed from any home office.

These packages include the following features and services:

  • Cloud-enabled security measures.
  • Remote management tools.
  • Self-provisioning functions.
  • Monthly monitoring services.

CBTS seeks to solve networking challenges at their source by transforming the connections that modern enterprises rely on instead of simply installing new devices. These services offer a cost-effective way to make remote branch operations more reliable, secure, and effective, with proven LTE technology serving as a backup transport.

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