July 12, 2022

Dropped calls can be very frustrating. People and businesses rely heavily on mobile devices for most aspects of their daily home and work lives. Carriers continue to add towers and expand coverage areas, yet dropped service can still be a problem.

What can be more frustrating is having bad signal reception inside your building and having full signal strength immediately once you exit the door. In-building cellular reception problems like slow wireless connections, poor voice quality, unsent texts and emails, page loading issues and dropped calls all can affect productivity and can be a safety hazard. While there are number of reasons for low cell reception, most often the cause of the problem is the building material itself.

The solution can be as simple as investing in a cellular signal booster.

Building and Signal Cellular Amplfication How Does A Cellular Signal Booster Work?
With the demand for work-from-anywhere solutions, wireless cellular phone boosters can help overcome building, mother nature and tower distance challenges. A cellular signal booster generally adds power to the reception. It takes any existing 5G, 4G, and LTE cell signal around you, amplifies it and rebroadcasts it to the areas with weak or no cell reception in your building, home, office and even your vehicle.

A cellular signal booster is compatible with any device that runs on cellular signal and from any service provider. It doesn’t need WiFi or broadband connection for it to work. However, the booster will not work if there is no cell phone signal to be found, commonly called a dead zone. Cellular signal boosters enhance existing signal, they don’t create it.

What type of Cellular Signal Booster Should I Get?
REACH can provide cell phone signal boosters to extend the range of cell networks into areas that receive poor service, including homes, offices, commercial buildings, vehicles and more. The best type of booster needed depends on its intended use. REACH offers a free signal evaluation and will work with you to fully understand your challenges to provide an effective solution. Below are a few questions to answer to aid in the decision-making process:

  • Are you looking to get a signal booster for your home, office, vehicle or all of the above?
  • For your home or commercial building, how much area are you trying to cover? Are you looking to cover only one room, two rooms, the whole house or entire building?
  • If you are looking for a signal booster for your vehicle, what type of vehicle do you have? Do you have a car, truck, RV, or camper?

REACH continues to stay on the forefront of communications technology and works with you to evaluate your needs, provide and explain the solution that best fits those needs and can assist you in choosing and managing the best carrier, device or software to solve your work-from-anywhere challenges. From concept through installation, let us help you be proactive in ensuring you are staying connected. Contact Ryan at 715-298-4414 or fill out our contact form.