March 17, 2020

Give your employees the tools they need to communicate and collaborate, anytime and from anywhere, securely, and under IT’s control as needed.

Consistent, reliable access to the Internet. REACH Amplification’s Cellular Router/Modem gives your employees:

  • A large, footprint coverage area
  • The ability to work in residential or commercial settings
  • Dual SIM card capacity
  • The flexibility to work with all carriers
  • Cellular Broadband Speeds available in most areas
  • Can be used for redundancy for your Internet backup
REACH your employees

Keep your employees connected no matter where they are. The REACH Pro System is a portable or professionally installed amplification system that:

  • Outperforms systems purchased online and installed by the user
  • Are a customized solution to fit exact needs
  • Has an industry-leading warranty on parts and installation

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