April 6, 2021

The internet has made connectivity seamless across various platforms and as technology evolves, the list of IoT applications will continue to grow, providing consumers and businesses more and more services to keep them connected. Even now IoT technology can be found in most aspects of our lives beyond smartphones and tables. IoT wireless technology has already been added to vehicles, household appliances, monitors and sensors. Below are some real-world applications that are keeping our world connected:

  • Homes – thermostats, lights, security systems can all be monitored and operated remotely
  • Wearables – smart watches and other wearable devices for fitness, health, entertainment extract essential insights about a user
  • Cars – onboard sensors and internet connectivity enhance the in-car user experience as well as functions to optimize the vehicle’s operation and maintenance
  • Industry – supply-chain tracking of goods in which there’s real-time information exchange of inventory between retailers and suppliers with automated delivery as well as sensors, software and data analytics that empower healthcare, manufacturing, retail and agricultural industries
  • Cities – surveillance, automated transportation, energy management systems, water distribution, security and environmental monitoring are just some ways cities have embraced IoT technology
  • Agriculture – smart farming is one of the fastest growing industries using IoT with techniques to increase food production, sensors for soil moisture and nutrients, water control, custom fertilizer along with livestock monitoring that gathers data about the health and welfare of cattle and poultry
  • Retail – stores are using smartphone and app tracking technology to increase customer engagement by monitoring customer movements throughout the store or online to activate digital messaging
  • Energy – smart grids are used to collect data to monitor electricity usage and detect power outages quickly
  • Healthcare – connected devices that help in real-time monitoring of patients remotely is saving the lives of many individuals

The future of IoT has endless potential with scalable and reliable mobile connectivity playing a vital role in the development of how all of these different devices and services interact with one another. Whether you are already using IoT technology within your business or your plan to, REACH can serve as your single resource to help you evaluate and source options based on size, budget, and goals to keep your Internet of Things plan on track. Contact Valerie at 715-330-4200 or fill out the form below to get connected.