January 26, 2021

Enjoy voice, video, data and the bandwidth-intensive cloud applications you need without comprising quality, privacy and control. Vonage’s SmartWAN delivers a scalable, high-quality, and optimized solution on any network…minus the cost of a private network.

Your wide-area network redefined: SmartWAN uses software to create a network over large geographic distances. Now you can route and prioritize data over your data networks—including private circuits, commercial broadband lines, and even LTE/4G/5G connections—to ensure better communication quality.

Abundant failovers and availability: SmartWAN can help minimize disruption by creating fail-safes on multiple broadband connections with both black and brown-out protection. These include transfers through another route—even wireless—for maximum uptime reliability.

Flexible and affordable hybrid networks: SmartWAN can structure a hybrid network solution. This serves to maximize QoS and maintain the control and privacy you enjoy through a managed MPLS network.

Smart monitoring and traffic prioritization: Our solutions can recognize 2,000+ application routes and prioritize traffic by application, with additional capability to customize based on your specific needs. SmartWAN constantly searches for the best possible path for real-time and prioritized communication.

Communication is Maximizing Your Broadband to Prioritize Critical Applications Like Voice and Video

  • Real-time packet optimization with voice and video prioritization.
  • Congestion prevention at network edge via smart QoS controls.
  • Seamless failover to backup network in case of link failure, when using 2 or more network connections. Failover ensures calls are not dropped.
  • Replace both firewall and router with this one service.
  • Full reporting & analytics for detailed visibility into app performance.

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