June 23, 2020

Keep your workforce connected to each other, to you, and to your customers with AT&T Office@Hand mobile connectivity.

Time is money, so stop putting it on hold

AT&T Office@amp;Hand, available from Reach Telecom Solutions, is a cloud-based mobile service that is accessible anywhere you get a signal. And if your signal is weak? That’s where Reach’s mobile signal amplification can open up even more doors for you.

Office@Hand offers more than a dozen features that keep you productive while on the move.

  • Audio, video, and web conferencing connects all of your stakeholders at once.
  • Share files and desktops to put your latest version forward.
  • Both a desktop client and mobile app add seamless versatility.
  • Integrated 800 and fax numbers make contact easier for clients.
  • Team workspaces let you strategize in groups large or small.

You can’t afford not to

Office@Hand mobile is designed around three basics principles: simplicity, productivity, and affordability.

Integrated phone, fax, and messaging let you and your staff spend more time listening to clients and less time managing a communications system.

Get set up quickly with a hosted solution that allows teams to meet virtually and collaborate regardless of where you are or what devices everyone is on. Office@Hand works with any carrier service and runs on your smartphone, desk phone, tablet, and desktop.

Here’s the best part: There is no costly on-site hardware to buy, set up, and maintain. Imagine getting to leave that budget line alone by avoiding maintenance, support, and capital expenses simply by using the cloud-based AT&T Office@Hand mobile.

To position your business for the next step, or to learn more, contact Valerie at 715-330-4200 or fill out the form below.