August 10, 2021

Mobile technology has become commonplace in nearly every industry, including manufacturing. This has allowed manufacturers to have more knowledge and power readily available at any point in history according to a LNS Research Spotlight and it continues to hold true day after day. From supply chain to management and warehouse to shop floor, the adoption of mobile technology has forever transformed the manufacturing industry.

With demands for real-time responses from consumers, to keep of with complex projects, and to implement ideas based database driven systems versus manual, manufacturers have embraced mobility solutions to improve operations in order to answer these growing and continual needs.

Mobile technology in manufacturing can be found in:

  • Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Field Sales Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Operations Management
  • Inventory/Material Management

Benefits of Mobile technology in Manufacturing

Employees of all levels are becoming more and more tech savvy, with improvements to network security and affordable applications, implementing mobility into manufacturing processes has made the transition easier.

  • Improved Monitoring and Operations – The portability of mobile devices and app systems have improved workflows and increased production.
  • Improved Communication – Mobile devices allow businesses to easily stay connected with employees in the warehouse or those working remotely.
  • Real-time Response and Analysis – Mobile devices help predict and facilitate the delivery of prompt service requests from customers and the ability to analyze performance in real-time.
  • Data-driven Systems and Processes – Mobile technology has improved traceability and reporting systems eliminating outdated manual systems subject to human errors and saving hours of paperwork.
  • Health and Safety – Wearable technology can provide better safety options for operators, line workers, picking orders or managing inventory as well as alerts that can trigger when an employee is too hot or too cold allowing employees to make adjustments as needed.

Challenges of Mobile technology in Manufacturing

While of all of these benefits have allowed manufactures to see increases in employee productivity, on-time deliveries, customer satisfaction and sales while seeing decreases in downtime, manual errors and labor costs they also bring some challenges. Replacing existing systems of operations with new devices and policies can be difficult to implement and adopt for IT teams and employees. Below are some challenges manufacturers can face:

  • Availability and cost of supplying staff with industry-grade mobile devices
  • Setting up of mobile devices to strictly operate for business use
  • Customizing solutions for securing and managing mobility
  • Training employees to use mobile devices and applications
  • Security, scalability and support for bring-your-own devices
  • Troubleshooting device issues for those in the field and in remote locations

These challenges can be alleviated. As your telecom and IT solutions expert, REACH takes pride in keeping you connected. We can help simplify your mobile device management by leveraging our expertise and resources to help you manage carrier relationships, maintain high levels of customer service, and keep your focus on allocating your employees to revenue-generating responsibilities. Connect with us today by calling Valerie at 715-330-4200 or filling out our contact form.