March 10, 2020

With an ever-changing, mobile environment, businesses find it nearly impossible to know and keep up-to-date on all of the mobility options available. But, beyond that, comparing RFPs, negotiating contracts, managing expenses and ensuring invoices are accurate can be extremely time consuming. Enlisting the help of a Telecom Solutions Consultant to help manage your mobility needs is about having a single-point-of-contact for all of your telecom accounts, a strategic advisor and a trusted business partner that has the experience and expertise in mobile business solutions. One of the many benefits of using a Telecom Solutions Consultant is mobility account management.

Mobility Account Management helps businesses with the following:

  • New Service Implementation – Ensure the transition to a new service is seamless.
  • Management of Vendor Relationships – Build rapport and make sure vendors are accountable for their service delivery and are compliant with your negotiated contracts.
  • Customer Support – Assist with any issues relating to your mobility services or products.
  • Service Management – Ensure your users are on the most cost-effective plans.
  • Audits – Assess and correct potential waste.
  • Invoice Management – Ensure each telecom invoice is accurate down to the line-item level and dispute and recover overpayments on billing errors.

For more information about managing your mobility accounts, contact Valerie Carrillo.