September 21, 2021

REACH is meeting the communications technology demand for work-from-anywhere solutions. Established in 2005 as Complete Cellular Service then in 2018 as REACH Amplification, the company grew into a large independent cellular amplification company in the United States. As technology continues to advance, REACH continues to add new solutions to meet the needs of its customers. In spring of this year, the company rebranded to simplify the name to REACH in an effort to showcase its expanded product and service offerings and to signify how the company is always “keeping you connected”.

“Solving the problems that limit our customer’s efficiencies through technology is exciting.” said Ryan Kaiser, President and Owner of REACH. “It is such a sense of accomplishment to be able to solve a really complex technical challenge that is essential for companies to run their business.”

As your single-source, communications technology partner, REACH is partnered with regional, national and world-wide communication carriers to provide flexible and safe work-from-anywhere solutions to efficiently integrate working from home, mobile office or other remote locations.

  • In-building cellular reception problems like slow wireless connections, spotty cell reception and dropped calls can all affect productivity. REACH’s amplification systems boost cell signal and keeps businesses and their employees connected to customers, vendors, family members and emergency services.
  • Poor cellular reception in work vehicles isn’t just irritating it can be costly, even dangerous. From lost business opportunities to safety and emergency communication, dropped calls and weak signals can let businesses and their employees down when they need it most. REACH can create a custom package that keeps a business in touch with the world around them all from their vehicle.
  • Frustration from telecom services is not uncommon. REACH’s Managed Solutions Providers (MSPs) is not only able help businesses save money by migrating the responsibilities of handling their IT and telecom products and services, but they also keep up-to-date on all of the communications options available so a business doesn’t have to. MSPs specialize in helping businesses simplify and ease the burden of their cloud, voice, data network, mobility, security, and expense management needs.
  • Data security is paramount. Data breaches, identity fraud, and a list of other consequences can come from working remotely. Businesses need to think beyond crisis management and prepare for long-term, growth-oriented remote work with clear and comprehensive policies, software and tools to ensure the safety and integrity of company data. REACH’s expertise and resources can help increase your productivity, security and compliance.
  • Internet connectivity options based on your business model – office, home, hybrid, in the field, kiosk, or totally remote need the flexibility to fit the needs of your business and for the business to only pay for the services needed. No one business is alike in their needs for internet connectivity and in order to be mobile, businesses need a range of internet connection options. REACH can help you decide which internet connectivity option is best.

REACH continues to stay on the forefront of communications technology and works with you to evaluate your needs, provide and explain the solution that best fits those needs and can assist you in choosing and managing the best carrier to solve your work-from-anywhere challenges.

Learn more about how REACH is keeping you connected at the Mosinee Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon this Thursday, September 23 at 11:30 – 1:00pm at Pinewood Supper Club in Mosinee. Call Terra at 715-693-4430 or click the button below to register.