February 22, 2022

First responders depend on mobile data and cell phone technology to keep them connected no matter where they are. Whether it’s law enforcement officers, firefighters or EMS teams they need to receive timely and detailed information to be successful and respond rapidly in an emergency.

There many factors that can block cellular signal causing first responders to experience poor signal or interruption in coverage:

  • metal buildings
  • low-e windows
  • terrain features
  • multiple floors
  • multiple interior walls
  • distance from a cell tower

REACH provides cell phone signal boosters to extend the range of cell networks into areas that receive poor service, including homes, offices, buildings, vehicles and more. They offer boosters that work with multiple carriers to provide a stronger, more reliable cellular signal.

Benefits of Cellular Signal Boosters

  • Offsets the limits of two-way radios: First responders still use two-way radios as one of their most common communication tools. The same factors that affect cell phone signal can cause even more interference with two-way radio communication. Responders find themselves reverting to their cell phones as a critical alternative that can help save lives. Cellular signal boosters give them peace of mind when faced with a public safety emergency situation.
  • Access to Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA): First responders need access to WEA to accurately respond to threat notifications, AMBER alerts, and other government notices. Without reliable signal, responders miss out on critical updates that can be dangerous for them and those they are trying to help.
  • Communicate and share information from anywhere: Mobile technology allows first responders to get critical information where it needs to go in a timely manner. Dispatchers can locate their team in real-time via GPS devices that are amplified by in-vehicle cellular signal boosters and stay in touch with them to provide the best service in life and death situations.

There are times when nothing can be done because there’s a total absence of signal from an area or its interrupted at the source. However, in most cases, first responders can be confident that high-quality cell phone signal boosters in their vehicles and buildings will keep them connected when communication matters most.

If you or your first responder organization is looking for cell phone signal boosters for vehicles, offices or other buildings, REACH can do a site survey, design the best system and install all the necessary equipment.

More Solutions to Keep First Responders Connected

As a FirstNet Certified Public Safety Installer, REACH can also provide:

  • Eligibility Assistance: Primary and Extended Primary Users are reviewed for eligibility before service is approved. REACH can guide you or your business through the FirstNet discussion and approval procedure to help streamline the process.
  • Antennas and Router Systems: Get the most up-to-date FirstNet Ready equipment for your deployable building or vehicle.
  • Retrofit Existing Vehicles: Install FirstNet Ready equipment into existing emergency vehicles.
  • Rate Plans & Mobile Device Options: Negotiation, review and management of FirstNet Ready rate plans for voice, text and other data services along with the devices to go with them.
  • SIM Card Activations: Assistance in procurement and install of FirstNet Ready SIM cards.
  • Annual Equipment Performance Reviews: Review signal strength of wireless broadband networks to ensure reliable mission-critical voice and data communications.

As your telecom and IT solutions expert, REACH takes pride in keeping you connected. We will collaborate with you to fully understand your communication challenges and provide an effective solution. Let us help you be proactive in preventing an incident or catastrophic loss by scheduling a free signal analysis today. Contact Ryan at 715-298-4414 or fill out our contact form.