April 13, 2021

As technology advances, the future of IoT is limitless. Increased network agility, artificial intelligence (AI) and the capacity to deploy, automate, orchestrate and secure diverse use cases will grow exponentially. Interaction in real time over great distances with both each other and machines will enable new opportunities within remote learning, surgery and repair. More than ever, communication technologies are providing new and innovative solutions to help address social, environmental and economic challenges.

In recent articles we discussed things to consider when implementing an IoT plan and some real-world IoT application examples. In this article we will share how REACH can help you with the explosion in the IoT.

Your IoT Platform

Creating and developing an effective IoT platform helps to remove the friction of connecting disparate devices with multiple connection protocols. Determining how a particular endpoint connects to a network, how and where data is collected and then how data can be used to drive business value are the fundamental aspects that go into making your IoT solution work.

Building, vehicle and remote location connectivity analysis to make sure you stay connected to your employees, machines and customers. There are many network technology options to connect IoT devices. Having connectivity support across all major IoT network types will offer the greatest flexibility for current and future projects. Broadband cellular, LTE, satellite, Wi-Fi and wireline are just a some examples of multi-network connectivity solutions.

Managed services to help save you money by leveraging our expertise and resources to help you manage carrier relationships, maintain high levels of customer service, and allocate employees to revenue-generating responsibilities.

Evaluating your network infrastructure to address any failures, shortcomings or areas in need of improvement. An assessment seeks to reduce your technology costs while providing you distinct competitive advantages. Below are a few things REACH looks at:

  • Inventory of backup environment both data and failover systems.
  • Assessing your local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) to ensure they provide high performance to handle production workloads and provides the bandwidth for data movement between locations.
  • Optimizing servers and applications.
  • Checking data storage systems to make certain they’re robust and high performing.
  • Looking over business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.

Ensuring operational consistency between devices to help avoid returns or cancellations and to protect personal and company data.

Assessing security threats from malicious attackers to sensitive networks, data, devices and software.

In a time when almost anything can be connected to the internet, REACH is here to help you build the right IoT platform so you have the flexibility, choice and confidence to connect to virtually anything your business needs now and into the future. Whether you are already using IoT technology within your business or your plan to, REACH can serve as your single resource to help you evaluate and source options based on size, budget, and goals to keep your Internet of Things plan on track. Contact Valerie at 715-330-4200 or fill out the form below to get connected.