October 13, 2020

Protect you and your employees working from home with AT&T Cybersecurity’s edge-to-edge technologies that provide phenomenal threat intelligence, collaborative defense, security without the seams, and solutions that fit your business.

Enterprise Traffic Protector (ETP) from AT&T Content Delivery Network: It is an easy-to-deploy cloud solution requiring no new hardware or software to maintain. ETP helps to proactively identify & block ransomware, malware, DNS data exfiltration, & phishing. It helps protect all outgoing traffic against attacks by a cloud security platform that provides enhanced protection with low false-positives. Key features include:

  • Blocks ransomware, malware, and phishing delivery
  • Blocks Command & Control (C&C) requests
  • Protect against DNS data exfiltration, DNSspionage, pharming, trojans, and lexical attacks
  • Deploy advanced anti-virus and malware detection for HTTP & HTTPS traffic
  • Provide In-line payload analysis & file scanning

AT&T Global Security Gateway: A cloud-native security service that can detect and block malicious Internet activity and help you enforce business policies governing user access to the Internet and business applications. Take advantage of the AT&T Global Security Gateway customer promotion. Key features include:

  • Blocks malicious Web sites
  • Enforces policy for business applications use
  • Blocks malware downloads
  • Blocks malware “phone home” activity
  • Scans SSL traffic
  • Detects zero-day threats with “sandbox” analysis
  • Protects against browser and code exploits with active content inspection
  • Integrates with enterprise authentication to support user-based policies and reporting
  • Managed solution with 24×7 global monitoring

AT&T Secure Email Gateway: It is designed to block spam, viruses, and other inbound email threats before they reach your network and to filter outbound email to help protect your company against loss of important information. In the event of unexpected email downtime or disaster, the service also helps address your business continuity needs. Key features include:

  • Threat classification of phish, spam and other malware via deep content analysis
  • Advanced threat protection for URLs and attachments
  • Multi-layered virus protection with behavioral based zero-hour protection & signature-based antivirus
  • Dynamic reputation service utilizes Global IP and URL reputation
  • Continuity protection from email outages
  • Industry leading SLA’s with 99.999% service availability, 99% spam effectiveness, 100% protection from known viruses, and <1 minute email delivery

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