March 22, 2022

A majority of companies have some sort of firewall. They are required for compliance to mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. A firewall’s purpose is to block unauthorized traffic from penetrating the network and is the first required building block for overall network security. But, having a firewall alone is not enough. A firewall does not prevent viruses or malware from entering the network, it cannot detect intruders nor can it monitor network traffic. Plus, maintaining a firewall can stretch far beyond a full-time job that ties up a lot of IT resources.

Managed Firewall Solution

With so many cyber security risks, it makes sense to invest in a managed firewall solution.

Traditional firewalls include:

  • Packet Filtering
  • Network Address Translation
  • URL Blocking
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A managed firewall solution takes on management, maintenance and reporting that gives you resiliency and insight when it comes to your actual network and how it is performing. It includes:

  • Real Time Alerts – Real time status alerts notify your customer of network activity and any items that need to be remediated.
  • Performance Analysis – Customers receive ‘scores’ on their network and details on its performance.
  • Active or Passive Remediation – Customer can decide if they prefer to have the provider take immediate action or request for the provider to handle remediations.
  • Agents on Managed Machines – Provider gives customer the option to have agents installed on their machines for remote login purposes.
  • Real Time and Historical Reports – Allows customer to make data-driven decisions based on past and real time activity.
  • Automated Discovery of IP Devices – When adding new devices to a network, this management platform will automatically discover devices and what needs to be done in terms of setup.

Do You Need A Managed Firewall?

A managed firewall service can add significant security to a network and help you stay on top of regulatory compliance while meeting the demands of a highly instrumented world. A managed firewall is ideal for:

  • Business that don’t have the personnel resources available to manage their firewall or other security devices so they can better focus on their core business objectives.
  • Call centers (sales or customer service focused) require advanced routing, mutli-channel options, etc. thus network management is critical to all call centers.
  • End users with a lot of network events
  • A business that does a lot of toll-free calling

Below are a few discovery questions to think about as you explore hiring a managed firewall solutions provider.

  • What do you want to manage on your network and what is most critical to you?
  • Who manages the thresholds and monitors the system logs on new endpoints?
  • When you have a need for a service change, what do you do?
  • What are your future network plans? Real-time remediation? Historical reporting?
  • Do you have a security policy? Does it address all security risks?
  • What are your security challenges?
  • Do you run security audits?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan?

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