July 21, 2020

FirstNet is the first nationwide network dedicated to public safety to help law enforcement, fire service, and EMS do their jobs safely and effectively. It enables public safety customers to get the priority, coverage, and interoperability they need without sacrificing choice in the devices they require to get the job done.

Proud Partner

Reach Telecom Solutions is proud to partner with FirstNet to provide a network complemented by a suite of public-safety driven solutions that provide additional value to first responders.


The FirstNet network provides unique value exclusively for public safety users with flexible and competitively priced voice, data, messaging, and standard communications services.

  • Prioritized, reliable nationwide coverage and capacity.
  • Unprecedented control and visibility with the ability to manage user accounts and devices, manage user priority levels (and adjust them if needed during a time of catastrophic emergency, monitor the network status in near real-time, and manage Push-to-Talk users.
  • Robust, end-to-end security.
  • Dedicated library of secure, reliable and interoperable public safety apps.
  • Superior public safety customer experience.
  • Public safety users have access to an expansive catalog of LTE devices, ranging from purpose-built rugged units to the world’s most popular smart devices and tablets, complemented with a wide range of accessories.

FirstNet User Eligibilty

FirstNet has two types of eligible Public Safety Entities, Primary Users and Extended Primary Users.

    • Primary Users are Public Safety Entities that act as first responders, the agencies who are at an emergency scene first. This includes law enforcement, fire protection services, emergency (911) call dispatching and government Public Safety Answering Points, emergency planning and management offices, and ambulance safety services.
    • Extended Primary Users are those agencies, organizations, non-profit or for-profit companies that provide public safety services in support of Primary Users. They provide mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up, restoration, or other such services during or after an incident.

To find out if you are an eligible user, activate your FirstNet service or any other questions regarding the many features available, contact Valerie at 715-330-4200 or fill out the form below.