February 15, 2022

Host free group video calls with friends, family, teammates—anyone. Great for small businesses and non-profits that need a quick and easy solution to video conferencing. Vonage Free Conferencing is an easy-to-use workgroup video conferencing application that runs within web browsers with no plugins or downloads required. Users only need a web link to quickly join a video conference. No signup or payment is required – just go to freeconferencing.vonage.com.

Which web browsers and operating systems are supported?
Vonage Free Conferencing is supported on all modern PC and Mac web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please update your browsers to their latest version. We recommend desktop browsers for at-home conferencing.

On mobile devices, you must use the latest Safari on an iPad or iPhone, or the latest Google Chrome on an Android tablet or phone. Please note that on iPad and iPhone, the “Webview” window that comes up when you click on links is not supported. Therefore, you need to select the full Safari browser.

Can I dial into a Vonage Free Conference session?
This is a simple browser-based application and does not support phone dial-in.

What is the maximum number of participants that can join a Meeting?
Sixteen (16).

How do I access this, and start and share a meeting?
Just go to freeconferencing.vonage.com, start a new meeting, and share the whole URL link with the meeting room name with your colleagues. Meeting names are randomly generated and the full URL can be copied from your browser’s address bar, pasted, and shared to allow others to join the same meeting. There is an Invite button at the top right of the meeting window that allows easy copy/pasting of the URL, too.

Can I share my screen?
Absolutely. There is a Share Screen button on the toolbar at the bottom of the window (see earlier picture). What you can share depends on the browser – with Chrome allowing you to select different screens, apps and even tabs, while Safari currently only supports your current screen. Please ensure your system security preferences are set to allow your browser to access these features (you may see a dialog box if not).

What is the best way to use this in a conference room or home office?
You can simply connect your laptop or device to a large TV, typically with an HDMI cable or Airplay or equivalent. We don’t advise using the TV for audio output as this will generate echo with your microphone.

Although not ideal, a laptop can be used as the speakerphone where you can mute and unmute when needed. A better approach for multi-person rooms is to purchase a simple USB Speakerphone, such as from Jabra or Plantronics/Poly, and connect this as your default audio input and output.

If there are multiple people in a room, then to avoid echo only one device connected should be using audio (microphone and speakers). Others in the room can join to share their screen, providing they join with their microphone off and their speakers muted.

If you are using your laptop or device for longer periods in a room or at home, we recommend keeping it plugged into power.

Elevated Communication Experience

REACH’s partnership with Vonage gives you access to more cloud-based communications that can help you expand regionally, nationally and globally. They offer:

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  • A full suite of communications APIs
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  • Simple implementation and scalability

As your telecom and IT solutions expert, REACH takes pride in keeping you connected. Learn more about how Vonage can further enable your company’s growth with their full-stack communication solution and unparalleled customer and employee experiences. Connect with us today by calling Valerie at 715-330-4200 or filling out our contact form.

*99.999% based on Vonage’s average up time and/or availability.