February 23, 2021

Whether due to weather, nearby construction or other reasons, outages happen. And, network outages can mean lost sales, dissatisfied customers or worse issues in industries like public safety. Backup Internet and Failover solutions using Verizon’s reliable 4G LTE wireless network can help keep your critical applications online or support temporary or remote locations.

Backup Internet and Failover solutions are built on Verizon’s leading 4G LTE wireless network—covering more than 2.6 million square miles in the U.S. Whenever an outage is detected, your wireline network will automatically fail over to your wireless backup to power your critical communications.

Backup Internet and Failover solutions are best for:


  • Healthcare, manufacturing or any industry needing reliable connectivity for critical applications
  • Organizations that need quick connectivity for new stores, branches or worksites
  • First responders, those in remote areas and others seeking to stay connected in adverse conditions

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliability – Helps you stay connected when wired connections are unavailable
  • Cost control – Keep disruptions from causing lengthy downtime that can impact sales and revenues
  • Continuity – Drive critical communications reliability, even during a wireline outage
  • Flexibility – Deliver primary access to triage sites, branches, retail stores and banks

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