December 15, 2020

Organizations of all sizes need to keep up with the breathtaking pace of change. Today, readiness touches every part of your organization, at every millisecond. Preparing for an always-on business environment is complicated, but with the right roadmap and partner, deep, meaningful digital transformation is possible — and can be a major competitive advantage. Organizations that are ready will feel they not only can keep up with, but also outpace the changes, challenges and competition to come.

Starting Your Journey

Emerging technologies will allow organizations to innovate and develop new ways to care for their customers, their employees and their bottom lines. Deployed intelligently, digital solutions can help businesses stretch to achieve things they never could before. Again, it’s not whether these shifts are coming, but whether you’re ready for them.

Key questions to ask your business:

      1. Are you using the right digital technology to give you an edge?
      2. What gaps or inefficiencies could you tackle digitally?
      3. How are you outpacing digital security threats?
      4. How secure are the mobile devices being used by your business for critical data and activities?
      5. Could you improve customer experiences with new digital tools?

To successfully tackle the essential work of digital transformation businesses need to take an approach that focuses in these three areas:

      Connection – going beyond your walls both physically and virtually. Whether you’re migrating your databases to the cloud or exploring how mobile edge computing can help power new, immersive customer experiences, being ready to connect is being ready to react.
      Protection – securing your business beyond a lock on the door. The reputational hazard of a data breach is far too great for security to be treated as just a line item on a budget. The breakneck pace of the digital economy requires organizations to think about securing their businesses in bold new ways.
      Customer Experience – providing an experience goes beyond your products or services. Taking that service to market with a strategy backed by sound, actionable intelligence — and with the ability to adjust both the strategy and even the offering in near-real time — will separate the innovators from the imitators.

Add to that the rollout of 5G technology your business may want to evaluate what your network and communications needs are now and into the future to determine if they are ready or need to make the jump to upgrading to 5G network compatible devices and services. Verizon is leading the way with its advances in 5G technology and Verizon 5G is offered in more and more cities across the nation. Not only is 5G the next generation of wireless connectivity, but it’s also the seed of a revolution with the potential to transform both society and numerous industries in remarkable ways. From augmented and virtual reality to self-driving cars, remote telemedicine to a more robust Internet of Things, the viability of these life-changing technologies will depend on the ultra-low latency and lightning-fast speeds of 5G.

The Power to Act

Digital transformation clearly doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and business owners who undertake it should not have to go it alone. It must be treated as a journey, with clearly defined steps, states and milestones. Being ready means having the right insights — and the right partner — to help you strengthen operations, deepen customer relationships and safeguard your position.

REACH is proud to partner with Verizon to help you reach these goals and give you the power and resources to act. Verizon’s vast array of digital, telecom and technology solutions helps businesses with their most pressing challenges.

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