January 11, 2022

The demand for wireless devices in workplace settings is driving the need for clear, reliable, and all-over coverage. Businesses expect high levels of productivity from their staff while on the clock. Keeping them connected to data networks at all times no matter where they are allows them to make faster decisions and complete tasks in a fraction of the time resulting in faster and better customer service. It is also critical that businesses and staff have access to safety and emergency services. Connectivity issues like slow wireless connections, spotty cell reception, and dropped calls can result in loss revenue, loss of mission-critical tasks or even worse…a catastrophic loss to buildings, equipment or personnel.

Reasons for Dropped Signal

There are usually two main factors for poor cell signal:

  • Distance from a cell tower. How close are you to a cell tower? Distance is a key factor in signal strength. If you’re too far away the signal strength is weak.
  • Interference from obstructions. What obstructions are affecting the signal? Some of the common reasons for weak cell phone signal are: concrete, brick, stone or metal walls or ceilings, metal roofs, low-e windows, multiple floors, multiple interior walls, and trees and hills.

How Does Cellular Amplification Work?

Cellular signal boosters work to enhance the coverage of existing signal, allowing your cellular device to have better reception and service for both inbound and outbound communications. They consist of:

  • The outside antenna, which captures the existing signal
  • The amplifier, which boosts it
  • The inside antenna, responsible for broadcasting the amplified signal to your cellular device

REACH partners with manufacturers that provide state-of-the-art technology; and no matter how small or large a business is, our experts can design and install cellular amplification systems in buildings, mobile offices, home offices and vehicles.

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