August 4, 2020

A dropped call due to poor or intermittent cellular signal could be costly, even dangerous – from lost business opportunities to safety and even emergency communication.

Bad Reception and Dropped Calls

There are many different factors that can cause bad reception or dropped calls. Obtaining better cellular reception in your vehicle boils down to two alternatives: change your cellular carrier to another provider that has better reception in your area or purchase a cellular signal booster kit. Changing carriers may work in some instances, but there are many reasons for weak cell reception in your vehicle that changing carriers may not fix. In most cases, a cellular signal booster may overcome these causes for weak cell reception:

  • Non-Conductive and conductive construction materials
  • Natural materials such as mountains, dense forests and even large snow piles
  • Weather beyond a storm impacting a cell tower such as heavy rain, fog, snow, dust, hail, sleet
  • Cell tower direction and distance from a cell tower
  • User capacity of cell towers – the more users that send and receive signals simultaneously, the less power that tower has to dedicate to each of those calls, texts and data transmissions
  • RF interference from other device‚Äôs radio frequency (RF) emissions

Benefits of Signal Boosters for Vehicles

Signal boosters in your company vehicles are ideal for keeping you, your team, delivery drivers and staff connected via their cell phones and cellular devices.

  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Improved call quality
  • Better data speeds
  • Coverage for all cell carriers
  • Support for multiple users
  • No monthly fees
  • Easy to install
  • Expanded cell coverage map
  • Extends cell phone battery life

Many Options Available

Cellular signal boosters are no longer the over-sized antennas with bulky components. Today’s technology advances have made plenty of options to give you and your team a cellular signal boost with a kit that delivers exactly what you need by way of aesthetics, multi or single user compatibility, max power in urban and rural areas, coverage for all cell carriers, hands-free operation, easy installation and more.

To learn more about what cellular signal booster will work best for your vehicles contact a Reach Telecom Solutions expert at 715.298.4414 or fill out the form below.