April 21, 2020

What is a cellular router? A cellular router is transportable device that connects to the internet by means of a cellular gateway with broadband speed. As opposed to conventional modems, cellular routers do not require an Ethernet wire, phone line or fiber optic connections to connect to the Internet. They use cellular towers that belong to a variety of carriers.

Benefits of using a cellular router:

  • Connect to the Internet from your vehicle, remote location or places where there is no or limited wired access
  • Save time and money because you are connected on the go, on your schedule – no need to head back to the office or a coffee shop
  • Save lives in the event of catastrophic emergency – FirstNet approved devices available
  • Single, mobile, high-speed broadband makes it convenient for multiple users to access the internet on their mobile phones, laptops and tablets
  • Can be used as your primary Wide Area Network (WAN) link where traditional access is unavailable or is not cost-effective to implement
  • Can be used as a backup network should your primary line-based network fail – keeping you up and running during
  • Increased security over public WI-FI access – public venues pose a risk to your privacy as most are unsecured
  • Can work as a wireless repeater – giving you coverage throughout your business where barriers such as metal walls and distance from the main router exist or a rental office space where running additional wiring through walls or ceilings may be prohibitive

Cellular Router vs Cell Phone HotSpot
HotSpot enabled phones are great for those little things that need to be done when you can’t access a wired Internet service or you don’t want to access a public WI-FI, but they do have their limitations. Cellular routers give you the assurance you need when connectivity matters most.

  • Cellular Routers are portable and can be with you or at a stationary location anywhere at any time – your HotSpot enabled phone will only work if your phone is physically there to be connected to
  • Offices, second homes or cabins that have Smart Technology – thermostats, water sensors, security cameras or backup systems of any kind that need to be Internet enabled need Internet access at all times, not just when your phone is there
  • HotSpot data speeds can be throttled dependent on rate plan, making uploading or downloading files or streaming videos or movies difficult
  • HotSpot plans can’t support the data speeds needed for most businesses and homes

If network up-time is vitally important to the success of your business or lifestyle, contact REACH Amplification at 715-298-4414 to help you determine what is the best cellular router option for your business, home or mobile office.