January 18, 2022

According to Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans now own a smartphone. Employers can expect that most of their employees use cellular-connected devices for personal use while on the job and may also bring their own devices to access important apps and other services.

A cellular amplification system, also known as a cellular signal booster or cellular repeater works to enhance the coverage of an existing signal, allowing a cellular device to have better reception and service for both inbound and outbound communications. So how can a cellular amplification system, boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace? Let us explain:

Connectivity Supports Productivity and Safety
Dropped calls are a major problem for many businesses and its employees, and while carriers continue to add towers and expand coverage areas, this problem is not going to go away. In-building and vehicle cellular reception problems like slow wireless connections, spotty cell reception and dropped calls can cost money, lower productivity or result in a catastrophic loss. When employees can rely on consistent cell coverage, they can communicate clearly and uninterrupted resulting in less errors and more work done.

Enhanced Uploads and Downloads Speeds Increase Worker Morale
When cellular signal is lackluster, slow uploads and downloads make accessing company apps or other work-critical information a time-consuming task leaving employees to repeat the same processes twice or even three times to get a single result. Amplifying cellular signal speeds up processes on mobile devices, helping employees meet productivity goals and reduce frustration, stress and burnout.

Employees Can Manage Communication and Tasks from Anywhere
Strategic placement of cellular signal boosters can ensure a stronger signal no matter where an employee is – business office, shop floor, home office, in the field, or in a vehicle.

Reliable Connectivity Puts Employees’ Minds at Ease
Most employees aren’t just using mobile devices for work. They may check their personal email, make personal calls or look at their social media throughout the workday. While employers may want to limit this type of behavior, they realize there is a benefit. Weak cell signal can make personal contacts take longer. With cellular signal boosters, employees have peace of mind knowing they can reach or be reached by family members easily. This frees them to tend to work tasks more efficiently.

Vendors and Business Partners Can Get In and Out Faster
On-site business partners or vendors often use their mobile devices to work out project details, present new products, or troubleshoot existing equipment. Reliable and strong signal connectivity gives them the ability to get in and out faster and gets you and your employees back to work.

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