August 3, 2021

Businesses use digital technology today more than they ever have and will only continue to increase it’s implementation in the years ahead. The use of the internet to power laptops, tablets and smartphones allows us the mobility to conduct business faster and more easily from virtually anywhere work may take us.

No one business is alike in their needs for internet connectivity and in order to be mobile, businesses need a range of internet connection options. Depending on your business model – office, home, hybrid, in the field, kiosk, or totally remote – businesses need the flexibility to tailor their business plan to fit the needs of its employees and only pay for the services they need. Consider these options for your type of business:

Internet Connectivity Within an Office, Warehouse, Plant, Store or Kiosk

Fixed Wireless

Designed specifically for a fixed location, fixed wireless with use of a router uses radio signals traveling from a cell tower to deliver bandwidth to devices at that location. It is a viable alternative for rural areas that lack traditional wired options. Some providers even offer a turnkey solution with hardware included so you can deploy and manage they service yourself.

Cost Effective – Fixed wireless is found to be more cost effective due to the various services plans available – from high-speed plans with unlimited broadband usage or tiers aligned to limited bandwidth caps with no overage charges. Other benefits may include the absence of term limits and annual service contracts.

Failover/Backup System – No business can afford to be offline. Fixed wireless can be used as a failover system should your wireline connection go down giving you peace of mind and saving of loss revenue that outages can cause.

Internet Connectivity for the Home Office

Home Office Fixed Wireless

Home office business internet plans using a fixed wireless, cellular network connection provide the bandwidth and high speed home workers need to accomplish their jobs.

Priority Access – Businesses can control the service giving business-critical applications priority access over family bandwidth usage. Plus you get a dedicated connection so you no longer have to share your internet bandwidth with all the neighbors.

Minimal IT Department Support – Work-from-home employees can plug-in the necessary cellular router themselves and within minutes, the system is connected to the network and self-installs.

Internet Connectivity In the Field or On the Go

Wireless Mobile Hotspot for Business

For those employees that work at a job site, out of their vehicle, coffee shop or any other remote location, they need connectivity that follows them anywhere. Cellular phone hotspots are good for casual usage, but don’t supply the bandwidth usually necessary for business transactions. Mobile hotspots for business are small portable routers that give each employee a dependable, dedicated connection with its own rate plan. They can also be used by multiple individuals, teams or guests at the same time.

Cellular Amplification Systems for All Business Types

There are many different factors that can cause bad reception or dropped calls. Obtaining better cellular reception in your home, building or vehicle boils down to two alternatives: change your cellular carrier or purchase a cellular signal amplification booster kit. Changing carriers may work in some instances, but there are many reasons for weak cell reception that changing carriers may not fix. In most cases, a cellular signal booster may overcome these causes for weak cell reception:

  • Non-Conductive and conductive construction materials
  • Natural materials such as mountains, dense forests and even large snow piles
  • Weather beyond a storm impacting a cell tower such as heavy rain, fog, snow, dust, hail, sleet
  • Cell tower direction and distance from a cell tower
  • User capacity of cell towers – the more users that send and receive signals simultaneously, the less power that tower has to dedicate to each of those calls, texts and data transmissions
  • RF interference from other device‚Äôs radio frequency (RF) emissions

Cellular signal boosters are no longer the over-sized antennas with bulky components. Today’s technology advances have made plenty of options to give your business a cellular signal boost with a kit that delivers exactly what you need by way of aesthetics, multi or single user compatibility, max power in urban and rural areas, coverage for all cell carriers, hands-free operation, easy installation and more.

REACH Can Help

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