June 8, 2021

Events over the last year have converted “emerging technologies” such as IoT and SD-WAN into crucial infrastructures for telecommunications companies to function properly. And, the influx of businesses having their employees work from home and finding new ways to communicate with customers and other businesses has increased broadband consumption and mobile traffic.

Below are five trends in telecom driving innovation that we found to be a common thread among experts this year:

      1. Deployment and Expansion of 5G technology – the demand for high-speed connection and lower latency coupled with affordability are in high demand. 5G technology is expected to meet this expectations as more and more companies are upgrading to 5G capable devices and infrastructures.
      2. Increased Reliability with AI and ML – Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has given businesses the ability to predict peak traffic, provide better end-to-end service and enhance connectivity. This trend will allow more and more businesses to leverage these technologies in areas of network improvements, customer experience and infrastructure automation.
      3. Cloud Platform Growth – The use of cloud platforms gives businesses the accessibility, scalability, continuity and cost efficiency they are looking for. Use of the cloud is different for every business and as more and more businesses are converted to this technology investment in this technology will continue to be at the forefront of cloud providers.
      4. Internet of Things (IoT) Growth for Home and Industry – Demand for smart home devices and supply chain needs in all areas of industry continues to grow exponentially. IoT technology has been key to answering these demands. Virtually any device that connects to another device is considered IoT and allows people and businesses to implement higher-level tasks, get meaningful insights, and control environments.
      5. Telecommunications – Bringing people together, enabling professional and social communications, allowing businesses to continue to delivering products and services through the cloud and showing resilience has made telecommunications companies one of the most essential industries and that’s not going away anytime soon. The need for digital transformation is higher than ever and telcos are expected to build on this foundation.

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